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General Apartment

Hi! I recently moved in to my apartment in Elin Falks gata 1 and I have a few questions that I hope that can be clarified.
1. I applied to this apartment with my sambo but her name isn't on the postbox.
2. I'm also wondering if I can drill holes on the walls or have nails on them.
3. Also, is there any way to connect my phone number to the portal so people can ring my door from downstairs?

Thank you and best regards,


  • Hi João

    Thanks for your questions

    You can not apply for two people for the student apartments. So if you want to add you sambos name to the postbox, you will have to send us a "utdrag om folkbokföringsuppgifter" from skatteverket. Then we can add the name to the postbox. You can send the register to

    You are allowed to drill in the walls, as long as it dont affect any water pipes och electronic wires. And you will also be required to return it to the previous condition when you move out.

    If you please send us the phone number you want to add to we will register it in the intercom

    With kind regards

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