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Looking for apartment

I am looking for the apartment and when i searched online i like your apartment can i have it if possible.
Thanks so much.


  • Hi Jetaime,
    Thank you for your question.

    We distribute about 50% of our vacancies via the municipal housing agency (Stockholms stads bostadsförmedling) and the other half via our own queue system ”Botorget”, for which you are very welcome to register at

    Registration and membership is completely free and to stay active in the queue all one needs to do is logging in at least once a year.

    We do not distribute housing or contracts in any other way than via these two queueing systems, and just like the municipal agency, the primary eligibilty criteria is waiting time (”queue points”). For the time being, there is an estimated waiting time of 7~12 years for a contract in our suburban housing, and 12~30 years in the inner city. Regardless of the size or number of rooms in the apartment. We also heavily emphasize the other paragraphs under our Housing Terms and Policies (page in Swedish only).

    I kindly invite you to register at Botorget with us and wish you both short- and long term luck with the house-hunting.
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